Do you want to:

  • Increase the awareness of your company as an innovative employer
  • Offer young professionals within your company a special development opportunity, a unique experience and the chance to work with others on a challenging case
  • Inspire your employees to initiate and share their innovative ideas within your company

Then make sure to become a sponsor for the Shipathon 2020!

We offer several sponsor packages, depending on your goals and ambitions for this event.

You help us to create a fantastic, inspiring event with interesting challenges, inspiring breaks and enough bits and bites, so that the participants can work through the nautical mile.

This is how our sponsors valued the Shipathon 2018:

“The methodology was very good. The atmosphere was very nice and at the same time enough drive to perform.”

 “Within the organization, we heard very positive feedback about the organization and we are curious to the ideas pitched.”

 “ It was a great event to support and get our name known amongst young maritime professionals.”

 “All teams that chose our challenge, presented great ideas.  The ideas are very valuable to us and useful today. After the Shipathon, we will contact all teams to find out how we can put elements of their ideas in to practice.”